lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Story of a smile

Looking at this cigarette, while the smoke spread out in the air, I can guess without to much mind effort that inevitably it will come to an end. It might seem trivial as it is in fact. As it is trivial that everything in the world will find an end and pass away, from the point of view of a living being. Every single thing contains the paradigm of mortality. In some sense, this concept acts like a "shape" that we give in general in order to understand the meaning of time.
Things die. Love, faith, traditions, all of them will finish as my beer, my cigarette, my stay. Everything in Nature seems to be bend to the Time's will. That was my conclusion until I got back to my "maison", before responding to the smile of the guardian with my smile. Then I realized. What eventually die is only whatever you have the time to be conscious of. I do have the time to notice that my beer is ending, I do have time to understand that we're gonna break up our relation, I do have time to realize that things die because they "are dying". Even if it's not always true, even the death is something that wants to be understood as "living being". This is an old story: nature doesn't like sudden changes then it produces a sort of delay.
So the only things that in our mind (the only place where consciousness can live, then where things can be classified as "living being") find an end are those that we can associate with a process or a "life" or a development of something. During the time of that smile I didn't had any time to realize when it starts and neither when it ended. I was just passing distracted by thoughts, smiling back without paying attention. So my answer to the question: "are there endless things in the world?" is Yes, and they are only "moments". The present, the running instant is the only things I can conceive that cannot be defined as a "living being". This could be a good excuse to say that the only immortal love is the one that feel during the time of a glance, if you have time to realize it and to give a name to it, then you know...

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